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The mod is for mods developers. The mod allow run ad-hoc lua scripts and browsing trough lua golbal variables namespace.



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  • Very helpful debugging aid

    This mod has two main functions: Browsing the global namespace, and running scripts. Even if you only use it for the first, it's still well worth it.

    Browsing the global namespace has a lot of useful functions: It's a great way to learn about the environment of Minetest with its data tables of registered items, constants, and also every API, documented or undocumented (mostly the former). Likewise with mods' APIs and data tables that are in the global namespace. Sometimes you spot a global that's not meant to be there and can go fix it - though other tools like Luacheck are meant to help with problems like that as well. Other times you want to look through and check what's registered in terms of ABMs, schematics, entities and so on.

    Although the presentation is not as ideal as a specialised view for developers or as easy to read as an Wuzzy's doc mod, you know you're getting the actual data when you view it through the QA Block and can refer to it in your code. You can't find everything with the QA Block of course - a lot of mods have local variables embedded in their code that can't be accessed from outside the mod. But QA block inspects the overall system and global namespace comprehensively.

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