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The sailing mod brings much more to your world than sailing. After turning the world into a tropical archipeligo, you must use your wits to craft a canoe and venture out onto the surrounding islands using ancient wayfaring techniques.


  • Wind powered sailing with adjustable sail position for speed
  • Wind changes over time
  • Torches which show wind direction and speed with their wonderful particles
  • Kukui nut bushes
  • Palm trees with falling coconuts
  • Kapa fabric for wall, floor, and ceiling decorations
  • Birds show the way to the nearest islands
  • Island chains kilometers apart and across
  • A prettier shallow water texture

Recipes: Legend: K = Kukui nut, W = wood plank, F = Palm fiber, S = stick

1x2 vertical

K S = Kukui nut torch


FF FF = Kapa fabric




_F_ W_W WWW = Canoe

New Mechanics:

  • When boarding a canoe, press space to put the sail up or down.
  • On a canoe, hold shift and press left or right (or a or d) to change the angle of attack of the sail. The wind particles show you which way the wind is blowing.
  • Right click on a coconut to make it drop. Coconuts will regrow as long as the central block is present. Dropped coconuts will spawn into trees after a while.
  • Right click on a kukui nut bush to make it give up it's kukui nuts. They will regrow.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • the best sailing and open ocean and islands mod for minetest engine

    This mod includes visual indicators for wind and potentially windspeed while sailing on the open seas, which is visually appealing. There's also a torch that serves as a wielded light with a smoke particle effect to indicate wind direction and speed, but it can only be placed on land. Additionally, there's a feature for "mining" coconuts, although I've not tested it yet.

    A major drawback of this mod is that if you pass something and want to turn back, you're unable to do so. When attempting to turn, the outrigger canoe sailboat starts sailing backwards, effectively keeping you in the same direction you were initially headed.

    This mod could be great for flying mods such as airplanes, blimps, helicopters, etc. It would be possible to construct small airports on different islands to facilitate landing for island hopping adventures.

    Typically, map generation usually creates large land masses with lakes only, resulting in restricted opportunities for long sea voyages and exploration of distant lands and islands. However, this type of map generation does offer ample open spaces to explore by boat.

    To enhance the sailing experience, it would be fantastic if Apercy could develop a large sailboat mod that incorporates features like a galley, storage areas, and sleeping quarters. Using code from the great steampunk blimp mod, this desired sailboat mod would already be well-positioned to provide an immersive live-aboard sailboat experience.

    Overall this mod is extremely impressive, and I hope the author addresses the issue with not being able to sail in the opposite direction. It would be absolutely fantastic to see this mod on a public server, where players could showcase their islands and share coordinates on a public bulletin board, indicating if there are airports or docks and which types of crafts they can accommodate.

    Thank you, cakenggt, keep up the good work!