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The sailing mod brings much more to your world than sailing. After turning the world into a tropical archipeligo, you must use your wits to craft a canoe and venture out onto the surrounding islands using ancient wayfaring techniques.


  • Wind powered sailing with adjustable sail position for speed
  • Wind changes over time
  • Torches which show wind direction and speed with their wonderful particles
  • Kukui nut bushes
  • Palm trees with falling coconuts
  • Kapa fabric for wall, floor, and ceiling decorations
  • Birds show the way to the nearest islands
  • Island chains kilometers apart and across
  • A prettier shallow water texture

Recipes: Legend: K = Kukui nut, W = wood plank, F = Palm fiber, S = stick

1x2 vertical

K S = Kukui nut torch


FF FF = Kapa fabric




_F_ W_W WWW = Canoe

New Mechanics:

  • When boarding a canoe, press space to put the sail up or down.
  • On a canoe, hold shift and press left or right (or a or d) to change the angle of attack of the sail. The wind particles show you which way the wind is blowing.
  • Right click on a coconut to make it drop. Coconuts will regrow as long as the central block is present. Dropped coconuts will spawn into trees after a while.
  • Right click on a kukui nut bush to make it give up it's kukui nuts. They will regrow.



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