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A simple base game where you mine mud for ores probabilistically in space.



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  • Hard to Recommend

    I feel bad voting this down, since (going by the author's response to another review) it accomplishes everything it sets out to do--it's a simple game where you dig blocks, with a joke about crypto. In a sense, you could call this an interactive art exhibit. It has a message of sorts, and relays it to the viewer through its mechanics. And so, it functions as intended.

    However, as a reviewer I try to use my reviews as recommendations to new players. So I have to answer the question of "Is this worth playing?"

    In this case, I feel like the answer is no. Since all materials use the same grainy noise texture with different colors, it's rather difficult to use this as a canvas for building. The rarity of most variants-which is very point of the game-makes this even harder. And so, we're really just left with a big ol' pile of brown to dig into. The simple activity of digging is so engrained in Minetest that you can do it in pretty much any game if that's what you're after, so so Mining Game doesn't really bring anything to the table.

    Media is subjective, but I think the most engaging way for a piece to deliver a message is by drawing in and engaging the viewer, then capitalizing on that engagement to say something. This game doesn't really do that, and doesn't really offer anything else either.

  • Nothing fun here

    The world is uninteresting, everything you collect is just the same ugly block with a different color and has no uses, and there seems to be nothing to do at all except endlessly mine the same blocks over and over. Didn't have any fun with it whatsoever and quickly uninstalled.

    I can't even really call this a game at all. Looking at a single type of block and holding M1 is not gameplay.

  • works it

    if you are looking for a simple random mining game it's good.

  • It's bad

    The frames get choppy most of the time, and you dig in mud thats it there is no actual reason for you to get the minerals sinse they have no use, i would preffer playing vanilla Minetest than downloading this mod, i know that there was some ammount of effort put into this mod, but it just isn't good enough.



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