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This mod asks players without interact to read the server rules and optionally prompts for a keyword from in said rules to be entered, at which point interact is granted. Multiple keywords are supported and the current one selected for a given player will be inserted into the rules at a location marked by "@KEYWORD".

The following chat commands are provided:
/rules - Shows the rules, along with a prompt to agree to them (if you don't have the "interact" privilege) or the ability to edit them (if you have the "server" privilege)
/editrules - Goes directly to the screen for editing the rules. Requires "server" privilege.
/set_no_interact_spawn - Sets the spawnpoint for players without the "interact" privilege. Requires "server" privilege.
/set_interact_spawn - Sets the spawnpoint for players with the "interact" privilege. Requires "server" privilege.
/getkeywords - Shows the list of keywords currently used by the keyword system. Requires "server" privilege.
/addkeyword - Adds a keyword to the list. If more than one is present, a random keyword will be selected when the rules form is opened each time. Requires "server" privilege.
/delkeyword - Removes a keyword from the list. If none are present, no keyword entry will be required. Requires "server" privilege.
/spawn - Teleports to the appropriate spawn point.



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  • Essential mod for server but it lacks multilanguage support

    Hi, I love this mod. Especially the two separate spawn point. Let's say admin can be creative : sending played to a lava pit or a void place. I haven't tried that. :D

    Thank a lot for this mod :)

    I have a request : can you add a multi-language support and markdown ?

    On my server, i guess lot new players are young and connect to any server without reading its description and completly miss its main language. I run a french server and welcomed german, polish, japanese, brazillian players.

    So i need a multi language support to explain them few thing about my little world.

    And the markdown would increase its readibility for long text. But that's not the top priority compared to writting the rules in serveral language as agreerule mod. :)

    Best regards, Gobtous