This mod asks players without interact to read the server rules and optionally prompts for a keyword from in said rules to be entered, at which point interact is granted. Multiple keywords are supported and the current one selected for a given player will be inserted into the rules at a location marked by "@KEYWORD".

The following chat commands are provided:
/rules - Shows the rules, along with a prompt to agree to them (if you don't have the "interact" privilege) or the ability to edit them (if you have the "server" privilege)
/editrules - Goes directly to the screen for editing the rules. Requires "server" privilege.
/set_no_interact_spawn - Sets the spawnpoint for players without the "interact" privilege. Requires "server" privilege.
/set_interact_spawn - Sets the spawnpoint for players with the "interact" privilege. Requires "server" privilege.
/getkeywords - Shows the list of keywords currently used by the keyword system. Requires "server" privilege.
/addkeyword - Adds a keyword to the list. If more than one is present, a random keyword will be selected when the rules form is opened each time. Requires "server" privilege.
/delkeyword - Removes a keyword from the list. If none are present, no keyword entry will be required. Requires "server" privilege.
/spawn - Teleports to the appropriate spawn point.



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