Adds a hard to obtain yet powerful substance called Aether.


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An endgame challenge to distill the very fabric of reality and harness it's power. This adds yet another milestone for players who have done everything else.


  • Obsidian Pot: Used to create pure mese and pure diamond. Suround one with 8 lava source blocks to use. Right click with eaither a mese crystal or a diamond to melt it in the pot. After a few seconds, half of the contents of the pot will evaporate, leaving you with slightly more pure mese or diamond. Right click the half full pot with another half full pot of the same purity and repeat until you have a pot with 100% pure diamond or mese. Place this pot in the center of 8 ice blocks to reharden the mixture into a crystal.

  • Elemental Fuser: Used to create fire, air, earth, and water infused diamonds. Insert pure diamond and mese into their respective slots, and then follow the recipes detailed bellow.

  • Aether Reactor: Used to distill aether. Craft a fire, air, earth, and water stabilizer, as well as an aether reactor core. Right click the core with essence of aether to activate it. Activate the four stabilizers by placing them with three blocks of space between them and the active rector core (black side facing the core), then right clicking them with a pure mese crystal.
    Then comes the real challenge: insert one of every craftable item into the core. Right click on the core to see a list of the items needed and the inventory slot to put them in.
    After everything is done, right click the core with one more pure mese crystal to make aether! After 15 seconds (in which some funky stuff happens to the sky), a block of aether will replace the reactor core.

  • Aether Imbued Items: After you obtain a block of aether, in adition to making a nice trophie, you can craft it with a number of oridnary objects (such as paper, saplings, and glass fragments) to gain various abilities (such as flight, invisibilty, and super speed). Generally, you gain these abilities while holding the object. Aether infused stone is unbreakable to everyone but it's placer, and an aether infused stick functions as a powerful shovel/sword/axe/pickaxe combination.

Elemental Fuser Recipes

Use some sort of crafting guide for the other recipes in this mod. Insert pure mese into the floating slot in the upper left corner and pure diamond into the center slot.

To get a water infused diamond, insert 50 ice blocks in the left slot, 50 water buckets in the right slot, 50 coral skeletons in the top slot, and 50 snow blocks in the bottom slot.

To get a fire infused diamond, insert 50 coal blocks in the left slot, 50 lava buckets in the right slot, 50 flint in the top slot, and 50 obsidian in the bottom slot.

To get an earth infused diamond, insert 50 silver sandstone into the left slot, 50 steel blocks into the right slot, 50 dirt into the top slot, and 50 bronze blocks into the bottom slot.

To get an air infused diamond, insert 50 apple tree trunks into the left slot, 50 gold blocks into the right slot, 50 papyrus into the top slot, and 50 cactus blocks into the bottom slot.

I aplogize that there is no documentation for these recipes in-game.



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  • nice mod here are some aditional features

    make an aether infused item that the player can use to get basically creative mode but the player should only be able to pick 20 stacks of items not including the aether infused item / aether stuff but the player should for example be able to get building materials breacks after 20 stacks are selected

    aether infused item to grant invincibility from radiation if a radiation mod is installed
    aether infused item to get worldedit like functionality but you need to have items in your inventory

    aether infused rails with a high max speed aether infused furnace & aether infused autocrafter (if techage is installed ) / crafting table (if it is not ) that can craft the whole crafting chain for a item if materials are provided

    & aether infused chest which holds 10k stacks of items

    also aether infused armor would be nice