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Try to rip off your friends with counterfeit diamonds and other rare materials!


  • Forgery Table: Used to create fake materials from dye and plastic sheets (or steel ingots, if you don't have basic_materials installed). Right click to use, simply put materials in and wait 7 seconds.
  • Fake materials: Don't work in crafting recipes, are basically useless (besides for trying to rip people off with!).

Recipes (Using a Forgery Table) :

  • Cyan Dye=Fake Diamond
  • Blue Dye=Fake Mithril Ingot
  • Yellow Dye=Fake Mese Crystal
  • Red Dye=Fake Lava Ingot
  • White Dye=Fake Cloud Ingot
  • Green Dye=Fake OP Ingot



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