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For Minetest 5.6 and above

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Survive on Proxima Centauri B!

Dependencies: You need minetest Egine

License: Copyright (C) 2021 debiankaios Code: Licensed under the GNU GPL version 3 or later. See LICENSE.txt Textures and Sounds: CC BY-SA 3.0 Most textures are Made by my friend Bambusmann.

  • Mods which are not from me:
  • awards [/mods/APIS/awards]
  • bucket [/mods/ITEMS/bucket]
  • climate_api [/mods/APIS/climate_api]
  • default [/mods/ITEMS/default]
  • i3 [/mods/MISC/i3]
  • mobs [/mods/OBJECTS/mobs]
  • networks [/mods/APIS/networks]
  • online_players [/mods/MISC/online_players]
  • player_api [/mods/APIS/player_api]
  • screwdirver [/mods/ITEMS/screwdirver]
  • signs_lib [/mods/APIS/signs_lib]
  • stamina [/mods/MISC/stamina]
  • stats [/mods/MISC/stats]
  • tubelib2 [/mods/APIS/tubelib2]
  • Ziped Packages under /mods/*

Some mods have other license, please show byself

Remarks: This subgame is in pre-alpha-status, Please understand, that it isn't finish.

Warning, this project is to time marked as pending for debiankaios, this means he don't make changes to time but it's on a Queue. This mark is only for debiankaios, means other people can continue all time.



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