🎨 21 colorful biomes to explore, much more than 256 colorful nodes to create whatever you imagine. 🌈

Building Creative Decorative

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Welcome to Colorlandia

The game behind ¡Colorlandia! server

🌈Rainbow inspired 🪶 light-weight creative exploration game to build whatever you imagine with voxels. Fun, childish and inspiring! 🖌️

  • 7 colored grass-like biomes, plus black, gray and white make 10 new biomes on the surface.
  • Plus 3 underground biomes plenty of unique ores. (gray, dark gray and black)
  • Furniture, trees, flowers, stars and butterflies.
  • 7 colored data-like biomes plus white.

🪐 Make a total of 21 different and colorful biomes.

This game consists of mainly 2 major mods I'm uploading separately to CDB

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