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doxy’s Minitram (doxy_mini_tram)

This mod adds a Minitram Konstal 105 train model to advtrains, which is a scaled down variant of the Konstal 105N tram.

Minitram Konstal 105 in default livery

Minitram Konstal 105 in liveries of several polish cities


On the LinuxForks Minetest server we realized that advtrains is missing train models which allow for a panoramic view. Therefore, it is currently not possible to make scenic railways with appropriate trains.

The Minitram Konstal 105 train model shall fill this gap. The Konstal 105N is a tram series from eastern europe, which was built in huge numbers, and is now ubiquitous for most tram services in eastern europe.

Relevant for this mod is that it has an angular look, which is suitable for a low poly game like Minetest; and a length of only 13.5m, so it fits well in advtrains. But most important: it has really big windows! The windows are even bigger than busses use to have, so the nickname “aquarium” is not that bad. ;)

Mods in this modpack


Contains the “Minitram Konstal 105” train model.


Contains 11 livery layers for the Minitram Konstal 105, which can be painted using the bike_painter painting tool from the bike mod. (Paint #000000 0% Alpha for help.)


Contains crafting recipes and several intermediate craft items for the Minitram Konstal 105. In the future, these intermediate craft items would be used for any additional Minitram vehicles. This mod contains compatibility code for several other mods’ items.


Contains the logic used by minitram_konstal_105_liveries. (Will probably be released as independent library mod.)


Renders actually visible displays from the “text outside” property of advtrains trains. See for the “display string” syntax reference. (Will probably be released as independent library mod.)


This mod is intended to be installed from Minetest’s own content manager, ContentDB.

You can also clone the repository to your mods folder. You will need to disable the “LICENSES” and “screenshots” mods, if your Minetest can not figure out that these aren’t mods.

You can also use this bash command from the root directoy of the repository:

git archive --format tar HEAD | tar --extract --one-top-level=doxy_mini_tram --directory=path/to/minetest/mods/

(Using GNU tar.)

Note that git-archive-all does not work correctly wtih this repository.


The mod is licensed as CC-BY-SA-4.0 (media) and MIT (code).

Screenshots depict artwork from other Minetest mods, and are licensed as CC-BY-SA-4.0.

Individual files, or sections of code, use other licenses like LGPL-2.1-only. Every single file contains exact copyright and licensing information.


The source code is hosted at Problems should be reported at



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