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For Minetest 5.0 and above

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morelights has several very nice lighting nodes. This add-on mod allows to turn all light nodes from morelights off or to dim them.

Screenshot of two morelights table lamps, one turned off.


morelights already provides sensible light level variations for the light nodes. But there is no way to get two lights of the same design with different light level. This mod adds a dim variant and an off variant to every design.

Light levels can be changed by right-clicking light nodes with the bulb item from morelights (default configuration).


morelights_dim gives you more flexibility to build different lighting sceneries.

You can emphasize a certain area by just dimming the other lights:

Dual screenshot of a house with uniform lighting / emphasized lighting. Dual screenshot of a row of houses with uniform lighting / emphasized lighting.

The dimmed and off nodes use darkened textures (in addition to emitting less light), so you can imitate broken neon tubes:

Screenshot of a row of bar lights, one dimmed.

You can turn the lights off when going to bed:

Screenshot of a bed room with two table lamps, one turned off.

If you turn the oil lamp from morelights_vintage off, the animated flame is hidden:

Screenshot of two morelights oil lamps, one turned off.

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The mod is licensed as CC0-1.0 and MIT. (This means that this modpack may be merged to morelights at will. I am perfectly fine with that.)

Screenshots depict artwork from other Minetest mods, and are licensed as CC-BY-SA-4.0.


The source code is hosted at Problems should be reported at



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  • great addition to morelights(great mod)

    I always thought morelights should have a option for dimmable lights (or turning them off) however i understood why it did not as the only way to do it using the engine would be using more node defs. as a seperate mod this allows users to make the choice if they wish to waste more node defs or not to have nice features