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How to use

  1. Press A and D simultaneously to trigger the ready_to_sprint state.
  2. Then press W to start sprinting/running.
  3. Release A and D (keep W pressed) and continue sprinting until the stamina runs out.


All mod dependencies are optional.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Great sprint mod that doesn't use the aux1 key

    Minetest only gives us a single unbound key to use for mods (the aux1 key, usually E). Most sprint mods will use this key to activate sprinting, leaving no remaining key to use for other mods. The promise of a sprint mod not requiring a dedicated hotkey intrigued me.

    After testing this, I gotta say that the mod feels just great. Holding down A and D feels very natural and is even easier to do than using a hotkey because your fingers already rest there, anyways. The color shift on the hudbar is a very nice touch to tell you when sprinting is active.

    The default settings definitely require some tweaking, though, as they are way too extreme. I reduced the "sprint run speed boost" to 140% (was almost 400) and increased stamina costs and stamina regeneration. Here are my personal settings with this mod:

    minetest_wadsprint.SPRINT_RUN_SPEED_BOOST_PERCENTS = 140
  • Very good mod

    tho by default the config is set to be like 400% walk speed which makes you way too fast imo. in the mods config you can change it to "minetest_wadsprint.SPRINT_RUN_SPEED_BOOST_PERCENTS = 150"


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