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7 pixel texture pack. This is a work in progress, not all textures are final. All tools from Minetest Game have textures; a number of nodes are textured, though you will see many nodes fall back to the default textures at the moment. Constructive criticism and contributions are welcome.



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  • Cool texture pack !

    This texture pack contain cool textures. I'm just waiting on new blocks 👍

  • 💠 High-Quality Low-Res Textures 🌺

    Wow! The outcome of this pack really surprised me! 😳😎 Props to the creator for making something this magnificient out of just 49 pixel per surface. 💐👍

    Colors look very saturated - but not unbalanced. Individual textures are quite outstanding. So if you like smooth colors blending very well together for different types of blocks - this pack is not for you! For all others: don't get me wrong - they do a good job in looking different without looking off 😉 So far, only very basic textures are covered.

    Environmental Taste 🏞 = Dark Chocolate 🍫 & Spearmint 🍃

    You know what? Loading times are insane! On Singleplayer with some mods it takes ~ 1200ms until the game & world are fully loaded 👌

    I'm looking forward to updates & new textures!

    Cheers, NA0341