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This mod provides a system for adding and playing music in Minetest, primarily designed for playing single-instrument MIDI files.

This mod does not provide any music. You will need to install a music pack or some other dependent mod.


Table containing tunes, indexed by the tune id. Values are tables in the following format:

    title = "Title of piece"
    license = "License and/or other info",
    backend = "midi", -- "midi" | "table"
    _data = dofile("mytable.lua"), -- Used only by the table backend
    _midi = "Binary string", -- Data read from a MIDI file


Table indexed by instrument name, and an instrument definition as the value.

    name = "cid_piano", -- Name of the sound file
    gain = 1 / 2, -- Adjusts volume
    pitch = 60, -- MIDI pitch value, describes the sound sample's pitch

Some instruments are provided by default. cid.instruments.piano is the default instrument.


Contains a bunch of the backend stuff, can be used directly to set up music players.

Currently undocumented, see init.lua and backends/midi.lua.



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