Splooshy Bombs API

API for block-flinging bombs

Work in Progress API / Library

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Splooshy Bombs API

Explosions that fling debris!

This is largely a proof of concept. This mod provides a simple boom function for creating explosions, and a testing stick that can be used to cause explosions.

Warning: The API might be changed

This mod is not very performant with large explosions, use vaporize and a higher drop_percent for larger explosions to avoid excessive entities.

drop_percent: Controls percentage of nodes at the very edge of the explosion that will be broken instead of flung (this is not the overall percentage!). Ex. 0 flings all of the blocks in the radius, 100 will break all of them.

respect_protection: If true, explosions will respect protection rules (untested)

vaporize: If true, conservation of matter is ignored, and non-flung blocks will be deleted instead of dropped.

See init.lua for usage



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