Rhotator Screwdriver by entuland

A predictable tool to rotate nodes

Main features

Why yet another screwdriver?

The default screwdriver included in minetest_game, as well as any other screwdriver mod I have found, operate differently depending on the node's direction and rotation. This means that any given click on a node may produce different results which you cannot predict at a glance.

The Rhotator Screwdriver uses a different approach: the direction and orientation of the node make absolutely no difference.

These are the factors that affect the results of a click:

You will always be able to predict exactly the effect of the Rhotator Screwdriver.

Four consecutive clicks of the same button on the same position will always bring the node back to its original direction / orientation.

Video presentation! Woohoo

Click here to see the silly 30 minutes clunky video.

Click here to see the 5 minutes recap/update video for v1.4

See more details in the Github repo