Libox Controller

A fork of mooncontroller made to use libox, also has QOL improvements

Work in Progress Machines / Electronics

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For Minetest 5.8 and above

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Libox controller

  • Fork of mooncontroller, that makes use of helper functions from libox

The one huge difference

Everything, when it can be handled by libox, is handled by libox

This means that: - The environment is mostly handled by libox, see libox's for the docs of that - The code is limited by time, not instructions - It may be a bit inconsistant, i am sorry about that but it's needed for security (slow operations from builtin lua stuff can freeze the server) - You get a traceback

Small differences

  • you can't store userdata and threads in mem now (not like you can obtain that anyway)
  • if enabled (not by default), digiline_send can send functions (but their environment gets erased)
  • extra environment stuffs:
    • code - the code that the luacontroller was ran with
    • conf - the configuration table (the settings)
  • if the libox controller overheats, you now know why (memory or overheated) because it makes an error message
  • your digiline_sends and interrupts get executed even when the libox controller errors, and your memory gets saved too (i think this is a huge qol change)

Mostly technical differences

  • Doesn't use itbl anymore, instead doing string sandbox escaping

Oh yeah also the support (different from the mooncontroller also)

  • wrench: the libox controller can now be picked up by a wrench
  • luatool: can be operated by luatool
  • mesecons_debug: lightweight interrupts now respect penalty

Almost everything besides that is basically identical to the mooncontroller

Test goals

  • coverage of 90+% of controller.lua
  • problem: coverage is really jumbled up and i have no idea how to get m o a r coverage


  • user generated libraries
  • more tests maybe
  • more features maybe

Oh yeah also what is mooncontroller?

Mooncontroller is a fork of chiepie's luacontroller modifications, you can find mooncontroller here

It adds the terminal, tutorial and changes the source code so it isn't all in one file

It's not on contentDB because it's not finished, but i feel like libox_controller is decent enough



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