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For Minetest 5.3 and above

How do I install this?

2FA via Fediverse account, based on the original mod by BuckarooBanzai

Lets Fediverse players use the /fediauth_on command to protect their account with a second factor.

Players that have the FediAuth enabled have to enter a verification code upon joining the game, the code will be sent to their account handle (

That mod requires add to secure.http_mods = fediauth for sending codes from service account (any mastodon API compatible instance)

Add fediauth.instance = and fediauth.api_token = secret for work this mod.

Also you can enable fediauth.fedi_required option and players who not have fediverse account can't play on server

NOTE for server admins: remember, minetest can't revoke privileges from server admin (without change builtin lua code), for mitigation of it use separate account for administrative purposes and better secure way - terminal via ssh.
(now it mitigated, but not panic if you got locked in --terminal - just input /fediauth_unlock [random code above in console]; or just join to world as admin, also you can manage your server via szutil_consocket)
NOTE: this mod conflicts with original otp





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