Extended Placement

Allows placing nodes below/behind the closest node to where you are looking, when you're looking at the air where said node would go.

Building Mechanics and Tools HUD

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For Minetest 5.4 and above

How do I install this?

Extended Placement - A simple (for end users) mod that adds a QoL feature that allows placing blocks around corners, making building bridges in midair, or building downwards, much more manageable Just look past the edge of a block, into the air where you intend to build into, and the HUD will indicate with <> around the crosshair whether you can horizontally (or [] to vertically) extend from the block you're looking past.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Bridge building is so easy

    This mod makes it so easy to build a bridge, no more sneaking to place blocks. Highly recommend.

  • Handy for bridging and pillars taller than 3 nodes

    The condition for extended horizontal placement requires you to be with about the 45° mark in terms of deviation from the axis. It's pretty straightforward to use for bridging and nicer than holding sneak continuously. It's quite easy to build in a straight line, but taking a bend requires you to slow down a bit to get the angle around. Still, quite nice.

    The vertical extension feature is a bit more finicky. It requires a pretty steep upward pitch to activate and so only really works for pillars that are already 3 nodes tall. You can add another 3 nodes of height easily and the 4th by jumping (reach according to Minetest Game creative mode). Given the narrow viewing conditions for vertical extension I'm not sure the sneak key should be necessary.

    The meaning of the crosshair extensions is probably discoverable by a player who is playing on a server, by them just going and placing. The vertical extension is not as discoverable since it requires sneak (but perhaps shouldn't as I mentioned).

    There is also a rate limit on placement of 0.3 seconds. This seems like a pretty sensible default but for very fast building of bridges could lead to a player falling off. I think a visual indication of when the extension is ready would help.

    The other visual change I would make is that, at least in my 1080 display, the distance from the central cross to the arrows/brackets around the crosshair is slightly off-kilter, with a longer distance on the left than the right, around 1-2 pixels depending on exact window size.

    The other other change I would make is to add the node's placement sound in when it's placing with the extended placement functionality. That would be much nicer since it's currently missing. If it were possible, animating the hand would be welcome - I'm not sure if it is.

  • Doesn't work...

    This sadly didn't work for me(android user). not sure if this is some bug only on android or not, but it just didn't work. . . the courser changes and indicates that I can place something, but NOTHING happens on place... what's more, it SEEMS to have somehow disabled my fast and no-clip privileges. not really sure if it was maybe me that somehow toggled that off on accident, but it happened after I used this mod. gave me quite the scare, I actually thought maybe the mod had broken something as I turned off the mod, checked my privileges and I COULDN'T figure out why my fast mode wasn't working... when it finally occurred to me to check the toggle for those modes in game(lol). STILL weird that happened though. something like this mod would be so great especially on mobile, where controls happen to be a bit weird. ultra bummer man! oh well. . .