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A simple and organized pvp pack it supports many mods and also has support for CTF mod support list: Mobs redo, Bakedclay and Farming



Do you recommend this texture pack?

  • Great Quality Textures 💠 with Good Visuals ✨ & Low Resource Usage 🎛

    A very distinctive pack with fine crafted details 🌷 & very low noise 🏖.

    • Loading bar's nice.
    • It looks pretty simple - as the title suggests.
    • Not much color variety.
    • Good color contrast.
    • Colors mostly align with the default.
    • Water looks great and has decent transparency.
    • Emphasizes on a very boxy looking design - which resembles the game itself after all.
    • Everything's opaque except small plants.

    So, pretty generic after all. Good Job! 😉

    I wonder why no one has reviewed this yet 🤔