Fantasy Brawl

Class-based fighting minigame. Choose your class, prepare your skills and defeat them all!

Mini-game Multiplayer-focused Player vs Player (PvP)

For Minetest 5.6 and above

How do I install this?

Fantasy Brawl

The first class-based fighting minigame on Minetest. Choose your class, prepare your skills and defeat them all!

How to set it up:   

1) Creating the arena using:  

/fbrawl create <arena name> [min players] [max players]  
where min players is equal to the minimun amount of players 
to make the arena start, and max players to the maximum 
amount of players that an arena can have.

2) Editing the arena using:  

/fbrawl edit <arena name>  
in this menu you can add spawn points and set up the sign to
enter the arena: the spawn points are where the players will
spawn when they enter the arena, while the sign is just the 
way to enter it (by clicking it).  

3) Setting the match duration in the editor menu by 
clicking on the clock in the settings.    

4) Enabling the arena in the editor or using:  

/fbrawl enable <arena name>

Once you've done this you can click the sign and start 
playing :)  
Use /help fbrawl to see all the commands 



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Funny no-brainer that takes time to master

    Wanna smash some keys and cast cool skills? Wanna have a deathmatch with a lot of colourful things going on through the map ? Then Fantasy Brawl it's for you.

    I've been following Giov4 creating this game since the very beginning, and I admit I was a bit skeptical at the time, because entities are... a complicated subject here on Minetest (half of the skills rely on entities). And yet, he's managed to create a fun experience, so fun that it's one of the most played minigames on our minigames server: if it's your first time, there are short instructions before the match starts, so you won't be lost. And in general you'll be probably absorbed after casting a couple skills. Nonetheless, if you know how to play the game you can play on another level of complexity ("I should be careful to engage that player as a warrior, since they're a mage with probably the ice spikes barrier ready to be used") that makes the game even more fun. In general, OP has also shown to listen to users feedback, improving and balancing what was the first alpha version. I'm looking forward to see a third class to make things even more interesting.

    My only suggestion is, it might be worth thinking about introducing an objective mid-game, so to have players gathering around it in order to conquer it: it would add another layer of complexity (like the Baron and the dragon in League of Legends), without altering the game experience that much.

    Also, come to A.E.S. and try it!

  • Funny to play and very cool graphics!!

    This minigame is REALLY REALLY awesome!!! the gameplay it's very nice and each class has cool moves! Highly recommended to play with friends :D,

    I love also the graphics of the skills (like the ultimate of the magician :O ) and the cool GUI to choose the class!

    Simply cool!! you can also try this and play it with other people on the A.E.S Minigames Server :D!