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For Minetest 5.0 and above

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a wip modpack that provides more trains for advtrains. It contains various good looking trains for advtrains, including a steam train, vintage diesel engines with Silberling rail cars, Couchette and corridor coaches and nice freight cars.



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  • Good, up-to-date, survival-friendly

    Moretrains is some of the best work for AdvTrains, second only to Marnack's DlxTrains. It preceded that mod and was definitely the best at the time, and it is continuing strong.

    Moretrains is a mixed bag with many individual mods with different themes. Pick and choose which ones you want; there's a good variety of eras, lightweight carts or mainline stock, and a mix of freight and passengers. It isn't a modpack for metro/subway trains though.

    Unlike some other train mods, moretrains is survival-friendly. It uses some of the standard components like basic trains like wheels and driver's cabins. However, it is also strongly tied to Minetest Game at the moment (but most stuff for advtrains is :()

    This particular package is a fork of rubberduck's original work (forum thread) maintained by people over at LinuxForks server, where I should disclose for integrity I do often play and know the people well. It hasn't been on the ContentDB until now because we wanted to make sure we weren't stepping on rubberduck's toes by moving too quickly to publish this fork.

    What's new in this fork?

    • Marnack has done a great job with the addition of the Nightline sleeper & compartment wagons.
    • The logging wagons will display different types of logs depending on what you put in them
    • The gondolas will display the top face texture of whatever block goes in them.

    So definitely download here or through the source link rather than the forums. Enjoy!

  • So satisfying

    I'm love this mod


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