Find the way through a cascade of mazes.

Work in Progress Puzzle

For Minetest 5.5 and above

How do I install this?

A game for Minetest. Work in Progress.

Cascade requires at least Minetest 5.5.0. Due to a bug in Minetest, you need at least Minetest 5.6.0 for footstep sounds to work.

Changes in v1.1.0:

  • Added monsters
    They only spawn in new worlds. Strictly speaking, it is a single monster that spawns multiple times.
  • Added sprint on the Aux1 key (usually E)
  • Added footstep sounds :-)


© 2022 Gregor Parzefall

The image and audio files are licensed under the CC BY-SA 4.0, everything else is licensed under the GNU GPL version 3 or any later version.




Do you recommend this game?

  • Nice Twist on the maze concept

    Does this provide a satisfying gaming experience? No, not yet. But the gimmic of seeing the maze you are about to enter before you jump in, makes this maze game quite interesting.

    Thumbs up for a good start to a game that could improve.

    I did notice that everything that is not gameplay related has been removed, and some effort has been put in to making this an enjoyable experience. It is not a game yet, but it could be, and could be a pretty neat one.



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