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Modify the model and size of entities, including players.


This section explains how to use this mod.

Example of what is possible to do:

  • disguise into players, blocks, and entities (even dropped items!)

  • disguise players and entities (like dropped items) to blocks or other player/entities

  • make yourself and other entities tiny or huge

  • change others visible names and attributes

Note: Changes are not meant to be permanent. Restarting the server or even reconnections will reset entity models.


Each command has a dedicated privilege with the same name, except clipboard, which has clipboard_edit.

<object> can be an entity model (as listed with /list_entities) or an Itemstring (e.g. default:dirt). air is a valid object, which will make the entity invisible.

/clipboard <object_or_property>

/clipboard: Print the current copied model name.

/clipboard *: Activate reset mode, which allows you to reset subsequent selected entities. Deactivate itself if anything is stored in the clipboard (like selecting a block).

/clipboard "": Empty the clipboard.

/clipboard <object>: Copy an object, player or entity to the clipboard

/clipboard .<property>: Print a property of the copied model, see

/clipboard .<property>=<value>: Change a property in the copied model. Editing requires the clipboard_edit privilege. Does not support tables yet.

Example: /clipboard .nametag="FooBar"

/disguise <name> [<object>]

Disguise a player into an object. Defaults to the clipboard. An empty clipboard resets your disguise.

/disguiseme [<object>]

Disguise you into an object. Defaults to the clipboard. An empty clipboard resets your disguise.

/list_entities [<namespace>]

List available entity names, with an optional entity namepace (e.g. mob:).

/resize <name> [<size>]

Resize a player into size, 1 by default.

/resizeme [<size>]

Resize yourself into size, 1 by default.



  • Left click on (any) a pointed object to copy it into the clipboard (air will make invisible).

  • Left click on a player/entity to disguise it with the clipboard's model. If in reset mode, the model will be reset to the default.

  • Two consecutive left clicks on a same block/air (non-entity) to clear the clipboard. (no time delay requirement between the two)

  • Right click to disguise you into the copied model. Resets your disguise if the clipboard is empty.

  • Right click with an empty clipboard to copy your model.

  • Not craftable, requires the disguise privilege.


Blocks can't be disguised, only players/entities (but you can take their appearance).

Some blocks and entities can't be disguised into properly.

Some entities, like dropped items, can't be reset. A workaround is to take it and drop it again.

Partially incompatible with other mods overwriting entity properties (like 3d_armor). You can of course use both, but funny thing could be seen on using disguise.



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