Chop down the entire tree by removing the bottom piece of the tree trunk.

Plants and Farming Survival

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How do I install this?

This mod allows to completely fell trees by destroying only one block. The whole tree is harvested and moved to the player's inventory or alternatively, the tree trunk items are dropped. See 'settingtypes.txt' for configuration options.

But therefore, some lumberjack skills are needed. New player normally will not get the necessary skills immediately, they have to harvest the tree from the top, block by block "to improve their skills".

This mod fulfills several aspects:

  • To prevent limitless griefing on servers, new players have to "improve their skills" by removing tree trunks from the top downwards.
  • New players are trained to always fell trees completely and replace them with saplings (education for sustainability)
  • Trained players with additional "skills" get lumberjack privs to fell trees more efficiently
  • No parts of trees hanging in the air anymore

If you are playing in singleplayer, type /set_lumberjack_points singleplayer 0 to skip the training phase. You need server privs to be able to use this command (type /grantme server).

Or you go into the "All Settings" Menu > Mods > lumberjack and set "lumberjack_points" to 0 (zero)



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Makes tree harvesting far less tedious

    Tree harvesting can be very boring, this speeds it up quite a bit by chopping down all the wood you'd get manually and subtracting the uses it would take if you did it the hard way from your axe.

    It does not harvest anything other than the wood, fruit and leaf droppables will drop to the ground instead of being auto harvested, which may be annoying. This does work rather well with the "woodcutting mod" if you want the best aspects of harvesting all tree drops without missing anything as well.


    A great mod that adds a great quality-of-life feature to Minetest. Makes choping trees easier, and more realistic whilst still keeping the blocky and imaginative Minetest style. Great for people who like minor and useful additions to the game!