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How do I install this?

The bot can only be controlled by signs that are placed in its path.
The bot starts running after starting until it encounters the first sign.
Ready to use signs are available for tasks like farming, mining, and building.
The Bot can put items into chests or take items from chests. So, it can be used for automation purposes.
More information is available in the manual



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  • Simple, Easy, Powerful

    A bot with a very clear scope which does exactly what it's description says. Very intuitive setup and easy to understand tutorials.

    The tutorials can be found on YouTube:

    • Signs Bot [signs_bot] - Teil 1 🎦
    • Signs Bot [signs_bot] - Teil 2 🎦
    • Signs Bot [signs_bot] - Teil 3 🎦

    (Speech is in German, Subtitles in English)

  • Too confusing to use.

    I'm not a programmer so trying to use this is really confusing and the tutorials are in German which I don't speak and Google's translate function leaves much to be desired as it started making nonsense translations.. And the written instructions aren't very useful.

    As a typical layman, this is unusable and not fit for the average user. This is more of a niche mod for those with more knowledge than I.


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