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A Jetpack for techage with hydrogen as fuel and TA4 recipe

The Jetpack is inspired by the jetpack from spirit689 ( and by the historical game Lunar Lander.


  • Craft TA4 Jetpack, Jetpack Controller and Training Mat
  • Use the armor extension (3d_armor) of the player menu to strap the Jetpack on your back
  • You can refuel the jetpack by left-clicking with the controller on a TA3/TA4 tank previously charged with hydrogen
  • Turn the controller on by right-click and check the fuel tank level (the small colored bar below the controller icon)
  • Use the space bar to activate the Jetpack and the WASD keys to control the direction
  • Before your first flight you should do some training starts and landings on the Training Mat (The Jetpack is a bit stubborn, it takes some practice to keep the JetPack in the air)

Important to know:

  • 12 units of hydrogen are sufficient for a flight of 6 minutes
  • Maximum of 99 items in your inventory are allowed including the controller. Otherwise you would be too heavy :-)
  • The Jetpack also wears out and can be used for approximately 10 flights
  • Always hold the controller tight during the flight, otherwise it will switch off :)



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