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For Minetest 5.0 and above

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A Paraglider for techage with TA4 recipe

This mod is based on the work from m492


Jump from a hill and use the paraglider to start the flight.
W = increases speed
S = decreases speed
D = right turn
A = left turn



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  • very cool to have a glider with more control, would be amazing if it could soar/catch thermals <3

    not sure how the game physics works 100% but i love to play with the wind settings and mods for weather and wind and sailboats and other entities created to be affected by the wind. a real paraglider catches thermals and can soar and stay up all day, as long as there are thermals to catch. would be nice to have a mod which could do the same in minetest. i doub't it's possible at the moment, but since it's an open source engine, and there are already wind mechanics, making updrafts, or thermals under thick clouds, should be able to be programmed. if only i had the skills.

    nevertheless, always interesting to see the neat things people are creating with mods for minetest. can't wait to be able to craft this one on the current server i'm playing on which has this mod, Moonlight Falls, a beautiful server.