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Mod minetest to get gold

Gold hunter is a simple minigame, the idea is to play a minigame simply from a mod, The challenge level will be the shape of the arena that the player himself can ride.

Command jose_gold_hunter

Digitando o comando jose_gold_hunter onde o jogador é modificado e perdera energia ao cair de meio bloco de altura Item, o jogador sera agora um boneco de capacete vermelho a ideia não é alterar minetest, mas apenas dar ao jogador possibilidades de se divertir fazendo modificações na fisica e tornar o desafio mais dificil.

Item dispenser

The mod has a box that the player places on the ground inside the created arena, by clicking on it with the right mouse button to spread items on the map at a random distance and limited to the top of the box.


As the player cannot fall from a high block, he must use stairs to climb up and down. to climb other high places use a hook


The player will be able to throw a grappling hook and hang from the ceiling or the side of blocks to climb or drop without taking damage. When a hook fixes, it extends the ropes, when clicking on the rope with the right button if it is on the ceiling, only the rope will fall and the hook will get stuck on the wall To remove even the hook must be removed by clicking on it and not on the rope, if you remove a hook close to others all will fall, if it is hanging on the rope the player will also fall


Get the gold with the right mouse button, if you click with the left button, the gold will break if it is lost


Para entender melhor o mod criei um mapa para usar com o mod, assim tera um arena simples que pode ser atualisada de acordo com as novidades que surgir



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  • Nice concept

    It's good, but it coule be even greater if you make a tycoon with it: you amass much gold and with this gold, you open a shop interface (a button on the screen, or even a NPC) and you can buy more grapling hooks, or other items, and if you decide to put grapling hooks in the shop, just make the grapling hook that you use doesn't drop when it breaks, and it destroys itself about ~30s-1min, to make it better. It is good, but could be better, and if you want to follow my idea, just tell me it. Nice concept!