Search and Rescue

Adds search and rescue vehicles for difficult situations

Work in Progress Sims Transport

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search and rescue

This is a mod to search and rescue vehicles in a difficult situation to recover,
once found the vehicle the player can pick it up and bring it back to base safely,
other features are being implemented to the mod

how to use

First you must get the game resources to make your helicopter
when right-clicking on the helicopter the player will enter a resource form, containing the following resources
👉 button close: to close the form
👉 button goout to: get out of the vehicle
👉 button cam_set to: choose the cameras
👉 button tools: to use the rescue tools
To do the rescue on the map the vehicle will live a long rope that can be used to tow other objects.
the game has 5 cameras to help you visualize the rescue from a better angle


mod under development and may contain some bugs
It is important to test and evaluate the mod on your own, any decision to put it on the server must be the sole responsibility of the person who purchased the mod.



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