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This is a library mod for Minetest that simplifies associating objects with nodes. Sometimes nodes need to be displayed or animated in a way that nodes do not lend themselves to. In these cases, it can be helpful to use an object.


node_object.set(pos, object)

Sets the object associated with the node position. If a different object is already associated, this object is removed. If object is nil, the association is cleared.

It is recommended that the object have its property static_save set to false, since the association is only in-memory.

In addition, you should optionally depend on mesecons_mvps and register the object's entity type as unmoveable using that mod's API.


Returns the object (or nil) associated with the node position. This will return nil if the object has been removed or deactivated.

node_object.swap(pos, object)

This is like node_object.set, but instead of being removed, the past object (or nil) is returned.

Node callback _node_object_set(pos)

An object associated with a node is an ephemeral reflection of the node's state. By providing this callback in a node definition, you are telling the library to call it with a node position as its argument when the node may not have an associated object, such as after placement or loading, and to remove any associated object before destruction. If the node state changes, you should update the object yourself.

Note: you cannot set this callback within an on_mods_loaded callback.


This is the library's version string. I'll try to stick to SemVer.



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