What Is This UwU (Forked)

A fork of "What is This? UwU" by Rotfuchs-von-Vulpes.


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How do I install this?

A fork of "What is This? UwU" by Rotfuchs-von-Vulpes.

This mod says at the top of your screen what you're looking at in real time, which mod it belongs to and what tool to use in the block.

What is this? UwU

A mod that says at the top of your screen what you're looking at.

Why even use this?

  1. Different look
  2. Centered (I like it centered, you may not. But it was created for my preferences)
  3. Shows the best tool to use (There will definitely be a few misattributions, but I am not bothered enough to change them yet.)
  4. It works with Extended Tooltips

I also thought of adding the itemstring, but there seems to be a limit to minimum text size and I couldn't be bothered enough to add it.


To unshow thw pop-up, typed this in console:


And typed again to show.


For servers

I would advise against using this for servers.



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  • UWU

    The moment my eyes glazed upon this masterpiece, i reached enlightment, the following moments after, were, truly, the best ones in my entire existance, i truly had reached nirvana, i started seeing uwu everywhere, my own thoughts became uwu, my own mind became uwu, and then, my entire flesh became uwu

  • Make it wider pls


  • UwU

    Very nice, thanks for the fork UwU

  • why don't the names show translated though???

    This would be very useful for the youngest players and anybody else scared of the debug display. Only for some reason it doesn't show the actual description field of the node, which always goes through the translator first. Could you either change it so it does. or make that an option, or tell me how to do that? I can do basic tweaks in the lua, what I can't do is understand all 13 K of your code so I know at which point to meddle. I already have the Show Wielded Item mod. So something like that, but for the thing pointed at.