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For Minetest 5.0 and above

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Flash lamps

A set of flash lamps that momentarily light up the direction the player is pointed.

Note: Pressing shift while left-clicking will activate extended-range flashes.

  • Flash Lamp
  • Flash Wand
  • Super Flash Lamp

Depth finders

A set of depth finders that probe depth in the direction the player is pointed.

  • Flint Depth Finder
  • Diamond Depth Finder

Ladder override

An override to the default ladders to allow them to be easily extended down by just right clicking a ladder with another ladder.

  • This can create freestanding ladders. If the lack of ladder thickness bothers you, you can use Linuxdirks redef mod, which provides 3-d ladders.
  • The ropes mod by FaceDeer has a similar option for ladders, but extends them upward. Cave Tools' ladder override will conflict with this, but can be disabled (see configuration below).


Each separate feature can be selectively enabled or disabled in the minetest.conf file.

  • cavetool_flashlamps = true/false
  • cavetool_depthfinders = true/false
  • cavetool_ladders = true/false


  • Ladder overrides only enabled if default exists.
  • Craft recipes only available if default and tnt exist.
  • Wand also optionally depends on mana.

Craft recipes

See github for craft recipe images.



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