Advanced Breath and Health APIS

Creates APIS to allow different players to heal health and allow different players to breathe different items.

API / Library Survival

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This package allows different ways to heal yourself and allow you to breathe. It also creates a mod for creating your own cooldowns with per player cooldown rate adjustment.

TODO: fix a breath restore bug (result of hacking the breath thing together)

TODO: fix bug of inital combat healing hudbar not updating properly (max and current values aren't updating)

Changes: 0.0.1: added proper credits 0.0.2: added proper license files 0.0.3: combined license files and added API.txt to adjustable cooldowns 0.1.0: added per player group drowning to alternate_breathing_methods (may be buggy, solution was hacky) 1.0.0: added content to amphibus_player and fixed a crash that couldn't allow alternate_breathing_methods to load



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