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Various components for mesecons and digilines.


  • Dropper, drops an item on command.
  • Dispenser, dispenses (with velocity) an item on command.
  • Collector, picks up dropped items in adjacent block, with optional filtering.
  • Detector, detects items or entities within a given radius.
  • Siren, plays a sound repeatedly while active.
  • Puncher, punches players or entities within a given reach.
  • Player button, sends digilines message with player name.
  • Breaker, digs the nodes directly in front.
  • Deployer, places the nodes directly in front.
  • Destroyer, automated trash.
  • Hologram, projects a hologram above the hologram node.
  • Fan, blows any entity, player or drop in front of the fan.
  • Conduit, connected in a circuit to move items.
  • Cannon, shoots an item on command with directional aiming (plus 3 shells).
  • Double (optionally single) reach pistons and sticky pistons.
  • Digilines Switch, digilines controlled mesecons power.
  • Movefloor, similar to vertical mesecons movestone.
  • Camera, takes a representative image.
  • Storage, indexed storage units.
  • Crafter, crafts by recipe or by item, and can pull from storage units.
  • Hoppers, that are more compatible with this mod.
  • Mesecons Through Wire, transmits through 1 to 2 solid blocks.
  • Solid color conductor blocks, same as Solid Color Block but also mesecons and digilines conductor.
  • Touchscreen, full block variant of digistuff:touchscreen.
  • Panel, full block variant of digistuff:panel.

To spawn entities from dispensers and cannons include the lwcomponents_spawners mod.



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