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For Minetest 5.3 and above

How do I install this?

Floppy disks with software for lwcomputers.

  • WIN Installer floppy.
  • Server Installer floppy.
  • Open Software Installer floppy.
  • App Templates floppy.

WIN is a multi-tasking, windowed operating system. It can run desktops on multiple devices, the terminal and any number of monitors.

The server provides simple file and email hosting. It can be installed stand alone or with an OS.

The Open Software floppy contains the files for a web site for downloading common software.

The App Templates floppy is just a data disk with starter applications to copy and then extend upon to write your own applications. These starter applications are also in the docs.

When disposing of these disks use the trash provided with lwcomputers to remove the disk data as well.

The docs/api folder has full documentation of the WIN api and server.



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