This mod provides scratch programmable robots.

Robots can be public or private (owned by the player that placed it).

Each robot can be persistant (force block loaded).

Each robot can be given a name.

Each robot has a storage area.

While a robot is running sneak + punch will open a form to stop it.

Robots are programmed graphically, by dragging a command from a pallet to the program sheet.

To run the program click the power button. If the program has an error a red message below the program sheet details the error.

Cassettes can be used for program copying and storing.

Installing lwdrops is recommended if supported by your game. Without it when a robot is dropped the program sheet is cleared.

See readme.txt or lwscratch.pdf in docs folder.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Fun, and no prior experience needed

    I've never used scratch, but was able to kinda figure out what I was doing in less than an hour. The included manual is super helpful, and I recommend you check it out to see everything the robots are capable of doing.

  • Useful, good interface

    This mod seems good for letting people script robots without exposing a full language like Lua. Lua is a security liability. Scratch-like programming is also probably easier for beginners (I started programming using Scratch.) I'm impressed that the interface is implemented with formspecs.

    WARNING: Using the mod version available as of writing this, I have encountered a bug that causes the server to hang.