Automatic items management between inventory and hotbar.


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For Minetest 5.6 and above

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Originally I made a simple mod that separates inventory from a bar, allowing you to move things between them by shift-click, like in Minecraft. But because of some technical specifics of the Minetest engine my mod was not really simple and require significant changes to all mods that interact with inventory.

So I had the idea of a new mod (which you see now) that automatically manage your inventory, removing all trash from the bar and putting your preferred items on it, without affecting inventory structure, which makes it much mores compatible with other mods.

As a result, it turned out to be very comfortable and easier than manual shift-clicking!


Explanation of the mod behavior

  • The mod has a preferences that specifies one or more types of items for each slot on the bar. However, these settings can also be empty.
  • The mod doesn't work when moving items FROM player's inventory within the formspeck, which allows a player to move things between the bar and the rest of the inventory manually.
  • Adding items to the bar manually temporarily replaces the slot settings with this item until it disappears from the bar for any reason.
  • If an item not specified in the preferences ends up on the bar, it is moved to the inventory.
  • If the number of items on the bar decreases, the mod tries to fill shortage from the inventory.

Compatibility notes

For i3 users I recommend to check all checkboxes in its settings:


Mineclone users needs to change bar_size from 8 to 9 and inv_start from 9 to 10 in the mod settings.

Please, be very careful changing these numbers. If the mod crashed, check twice if these numbers was correct before reporting a bug!

What can be improved

  • The order of items in the settings is currently irrelevant. Maintaining a strict order is not easy task, requiring to rewrite half the code backwards.
  • Would be cool to add the ability to automatically change settings depending on the loaded game. Mineclone settings are detectected automatically!



Do you recommend this mod?

  • spend less time re-aranging tools , and more time playing

    this mod places your favorite tools right where you need them , this saves time especially if you are grinding resources