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For Minetest 5.1 and above

How do I install this?

A not very advanced marker/waypoint mod for Minetest.

Unlike the CSM, this mod is standalone, and conflicts with the marker mod.

How to use

This mod introduces the following chatcommands:

  • /wp, /mrkr: Opens a GUI allowing you to display or delete waypoints. If you give this command a parameter (h/here, t/there or co-ordinates), it will set your HUD position to those co-ordinates.
  • /add_wp, /add_mrkr: Adds markers. You can use .add_mrkr x,y,z Marker name to add markers. Adding a marker with (exactly) the same name as another will overwrite the original marker.
  • /clrwp, /clrmrkr: Hides the currently displayed waypoint.
  • /mrkr_export: Exports your markers to an advmarkers string. Remember to not modify the text before copying it.
  • /mrkr_import: Imports your markers from an advmarkers string (/mrkr_import <advmarkers string>). Any markers with the same name will not be overwritten, and if they do not have the same co-ordinates, _ will be appended to the imported one.
  • /mrkrthere: Alias for /mrkr there.

If you die, a waypoint is automatically added at your death position, and will update the "there" position.

"Here" and "there" positions

Both /wp and /add_wp accept "here"/"h" and "there"/"t" in place of co-ordinates. Using "here" will set the waypoint to your current position, and "there" will set it to the most recent co-ordinates that appear in chat (or your last death position).



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