For Minetest 5.0 and above

How do I install this?

A marker/waypoint mod for Minetest. Requires Minetest 5.0.0+, if you use Minetest 0.4 please try this older version from June 2020.

Unlike the CSM, this mod is standalone, and conflicts with the marker mod.

How to use

This mod introduces the following chatcommands:

  • /wp, /mrkr: Opens a formspec allowing you to display or delete waypoints. If you give this command a parameter (h/here, t/there or co-ordinates), it will set your HUD position to those co-ordinates.
  • /add_wp, /add_mrkr: Adds markers. You can use .add_mrkr x,y,z Marker name to add markers. Adding a marker with (exactly) the same name as another will overwrite the original marker.
  • /clrwp, /clrmrkr: Hides the currently displayed waypoint.
  • /mrkr_export: Exports your markers to an advmarkers string. Remember to not modify the text before copying it. You can use /mrkr_export old if you want an export string compatible with older versions of the advmarkers CSM (it should start with M instead of J). This old format does not work with this mod, so only use it if you know what you are doing!
  • /mrkr_import: Imports your markers from an advmarkers string (/mrkr_import <advmarkers string>). Any markers with the same name will not be overwritten, and if they do not have the same co-ordinates, _ will be appended to the imported one.
  • /mrkrthere: Alias for /mrkr there.

If you die, a waypoint is automatically added at your death position, and will update the "there" position.

"Here" and "there" positions

Both /wp and /add_wp accept "here"/"h" and "there"/"t" in place of co-ordinates. Using "here" will set the waypoint to your current position, and "there" will set it to the most recent co-ordinates that appear in chat (or your last death position).

SSCSM support

With my SSCSM mod installed, advmarkers will register a server-sent CSM to reduce visible lag in the markers GUI.



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