Mesecons Extended

Adds Latch, Flipflop, tools for automatic wireing, 3-input gates etc.

Machines / Electronics

Download (1.5 MB)

How do I install this?

(Still work in progress, may contain bugs! You can use discord for discussion and suggestions. If you spot a bug you can use discord or issue tracker).

Tutorial Youtube

This mod adds some new elements to Mesecons mod, to make it easier to build more complex circuits.

New elements:

  • black tool: creates wires
  • red tool: removes wires
  • blue tool: selects region used by other tools
  • yellow tool : moves circuit
  • orange tool : stack circuit
  • white tool : change selection
  • circuits books: allows to copy/paste circuits
  • 3input logic gates
  • registers: latch and flipflop



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