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For Minetest 5.6 and above

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This is beta version, if you find issues please report them on this page

Potions and Magic

Potions & Magic add sevral potions and items or blocks to craft them. Effects have a player hud when they are applied. Screenshot_hud

Effects list :

  • health: give 10 additionals hearts
  • jump: double the jump height
  • nightvision: light up the night sky
  • speed: tripple the speed
  • water breathing: give the ability to breathe underwater
  • weightlessness: reduce by 4 the gravity

NB: All effect last 1min

Crafts :


New items : - slime - golden_apple (reverses the gravity for a short time)

And new blocks : - vitality plant - sugar cane - slime block (bouncy propriety) - gillykelp - glow mushroom (naturally ligh the caves a bit)


Work in progress :

  • a camouflage effect screenchot
  • make the nightvision effect effective in caves screenchot
  • add particles



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