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This mod contains a deck of 52 cards (no jokers yet) and a special table block type that might help with card games.

Cards can be flipped around to make card piles. Card piles can be added to by using them like chests or placing cards on top of them. Card piles and single cards can be digged. Card piles can be shuffled and sorted.

Adjacent table blocks form a table where player can take all cards or place more cards without explicitly choosing a place on the table. Table blocks can be dyed. When dealing card from a pile to table, user can choose, on which color to deal to.

A deck of cards are crafted from two pieces of paper and table blocks from four wood.

Card stockpile has a deal cards button that can be used when stockpile is on a table. When clicked, it deals one card from the pile on each table block that has exactly one neighbouring table block. So build the table to have a card dealing extension for each player.

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