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Ben's Drop Randomizer is a game agnostic node-drop randomizer based off of Sethbling's Randomizer for Minecraft and takes some inspiration from Fasguy's version for the search commands.

The randomization is based off of the world seed, so avoid changing that if your running this on a server. (For whatever reason)

The randomizer comes with various commands, all of which you'll need the randomizerspoilers privilage to use. This permission is not granted in singleplayer. Server admins will spawn with the privilage.

Please note that adding/removing mods with this mod installed will reshuffle all randomizations.


If any of the descriptions are confusing please give me a better way of describing it I'm not good with descriptions.

randomizerspoiler <nodeid>

Will show the node that the specified node will drop the drops of.

Example input and output:

/randomizerspoiler default:dirt

default:dirt has the drops of default:cobble

randomizersearch <nodeid>

Will display the node that drops the drops of the specified node

Example input and output:

/randomizersearch default:cobble

default:dirt has the drops of default:cobble


Will display a list of nodes that drop themselves, most randomizations wont have any of these though.

Example input and output:





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