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Origin (by sfan5)

==== Nuke Mod for Minetest === Version 2.2

License of mod code and textures: MIT

License of sounds: - nuke_explode.ogg: Jose Ortiz 'MindChamber' (CC0) - nuke_ignite.ogg: Wuzzy's derivative work of a sound by Ned Bouhalassa (CC0)

My Version (mittelmaessigercoder2) This mod would not be possible without sfan5. He did the hard work, I just added some stuff based on it.



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  • freaking insane and insanely FUN mod!!

    i can't tell you how much fun i've had using these TNTs and watching my worlds radically transform and massive explosions! incredible, and incredibly destructive. it could be that i have tweaked my normal TNT settings which is what has made these so insane, but, regardless, the various TNT nodes in this mod are really cool, and i will love having them around for my Mintest gaming pleasure for a long time to come.