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For Minetest 5.4 and above

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A book with runtime editable functions

by monk


Registers a tool which makes use of on_use, on_place, on_secondary, on_drop, which can be combined with button presses such as aux1.

The functions within cast.lua may be modified and will reflect in-game during runtime (no reboot).

[!WARNING] Editing cast.lua during runtime is risky, and may cause server crash if updated with invalide code!

The grimoire has some basic functions included:

  • Left click dig any node
  • Left click + Aux1 place dirt
  • Right click teleport
  • Right click + Aux1 drop stone
  • Secondary (right click pointing at nothing) vanish (depends: Invisibility)
  • Drop Key remove water in radius (book will not be dropped)

The grimoire requires server priv to use and will be removed from inventory without it.



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