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A Powerful Book of Spells

(c) 2024 monk

MIT Licensed Source, CC0 Licensed Media

Runtime Modifiable

Mod files can be edited or introduced during runtime without restarting Minetest.

Copy any existing 'page' to use as a template, then modify it with the desired functions. The new page must follow the naming format grimoire_page_pagename.lua

Grimoire Pages

Pages can be 'selected' with the command /grimoire page pagename.

For example; There are three pages included in the default release of this mod: create, destroy, manipulate. To use the spells (functions) from the create page, use /grimoire page create. This will set the current page to create and you can now use the Grimoire functions from that file.

You can use any callback functions such as on_use, on_place, on_secondary, on_drop, in combination with player controls (if they have been included): up, down, left, right, jump, aux1, sneak, dig, place, LMB, RMB, and zoom.

  • If you return a function not nil, the Grimoire is taken from inventory.
  • Don't worry: the on_drop and on_place won't drop or place the book
  • The book is destroyed if it is used by a player without the server privilege

The pages contain a few functions to get started. I encourage you to craft your own spells! What powers are you capable?

Grimoire Commands

The default format for chat commands is /grimoire <main_function> [optional_argument]

If you call a non-existing function, the list of available functions is printed in the chat.

Currently, only /grimoire spiral and /grimoire page [pagename] are included in this release.

Current Version 0.2.0

Discord (ID:699370563235479624)



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