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A collection of musical instruments.

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What is this mod?

This mod adds some musical instruments that play notes when you use them. There are currently four base instruments, one extra instrument from another mod and a set of 16 tuned drums. Here is a list of each instrument:

  1. Harmonica
  2. Banjo
  3. Drum
  4. Piano (from homedecor mod)
  5. Flute (uses moreores mod)
  6. Tuned Drums

All instruments (excluding the drum) play in the same scale of G major. You can no longer enable/disable each instrument in mod settings, due to a bug that caused instruments to not actually register. I may end up turning this mod into a modpack later on.

How to use these instruments:

  1. Harmonica: The harmonica plays chords every time you right-click while holding the instrument.

  2. Banjo: The banjo plays individual notes every time you right-click while holding it.

  3. Drum: The drum is a unique instrument in that the player doesn't have to stick to a sequence of notes and the player has a choice of what note they want to play. You must place the drum down before you can play it. By right-clicking, you can make a thump sound, which serves as your bass drum sound. If you have already crafted a drumstick, then by left-clicking the drum you can make another sound which serves effectively as your snare sound. With these two sounds, you can produce whatever beat you like.

  4. Piano: The piano is actually just the piano from the homedecor mod, but given some functionality. I might add a builtin version of the piano for people who don't want to install homedecor in the future. The piano, like the drum, needs to be placed before it is playable. To play the piano, you simply right-click on the piano.

  5. Flute: The flute is played just like the banjo, except you can play it much slower if you like. It plays a modified version of the banjo's set of notes.

  6. Tuned Drums: There are several drum tunings that were designed to fit in the key of G major. You can craft string resonators, which you can tune by crafting with colored dye. The resonators and drums are named by the name of the chord they play and their interval from G. These drums work like boomwhackers, except they play chords instead of single notes.

Feedback pls

Feedback is very much appreciated, positive is good but I would very much love to hear any negative feedback you may have, as well as suggestions for things to add or fix. Feel free to leave a review so I can improve this mod!

If you find bugs or just have suggestions, you can also submit an issue on Gitlab at the following link:



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Nice and fun

    Cool mod! Very fun to play arounbd with, the tuned drums are esp. cool.

  • Simple, but works well!

    I was skeptical at first of musical instruments that don't allow you to specify the notes you want to play, but it's actually quite functional! The sequence of notes makes it easy to improvise rhythms and melodies that make sense, and it's nice to have both instruments in the same key. It would be neat to see more instruments added!

    Update for Version 2.0

    It seems that all the instruments are now for "debugging"; for example, the harmonica is now "Debugging Harmonica." They don't have textures, and I can't place the banjo or the piano. However, they still play. I would post a bug report, but the repo isn't publicly available...


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