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You've found a virtual pet device... from outer space! It's a bit strange, but you're sure to figure it out with enough time. After all, it's just a game...right?

NOTE: This is very unfinished. I wasn't able to finish implementing the pathfinding, which was required in order to implement the core gameplay loop, so... Well, I plan to continue working on it after the jam, so consider this a (kind of bad) teaser.

Third-party code/assets:

Sound assets: CC0

AStar.lua: MIT license (see license information in file)



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  • Unfinished, nothing to do

    Nothing really to do here. I do like the use of a formspec surrounding the 3d world, which is why I gave some credit for innovation. I assume the snake model/animation is original.

    Gamplay: 1/10
    Innovation: 2/10
    Audiovisuals: 3/10
    Content: 1/10
    Theme: 2/10

  • As the author says: "Extremely unfinished"

    I can't really judge something that throws errors when pressing half of the buttons and that has got an unfinished UI when the UI is the only way you have to interact with its characters...

  • Barely even a game

    With close to no interaction, this game is more of an unfinished tech demo that an actual game. Many of the textures are missing, and clicking some of the buttons may even cause the game to crash.

    XRS Rating:
    Visuals: 5/10
    Gameplay: 1/10
    Originality: 7/10
    Adherence to theme: 5/10
    Total: 4/10

  • Unfinished, unfortunately

    It's a pity this game didn't get the polish it needed. The alien-style GUI looks interesting, even if unfinished, and the worms have detailed textures.

    However, the only "interaction" possible seems to be raising the ground, and many textures are missing. The worms only have two animations; they also get stuck if the ground is raised at their position.

    Let's wait and see what this becomes; I can't recommend this as it's lacking both in gameplay and stability.

  • It's a glorified screensaver

    Overall rating

    Absolutely no recommendation as a game. This is just too boring even as a tamagotchi. It is probably WIP/incomplete anyway. At this stage, it might serve as a screensaver at best.


    This is a very early prototype, so there is very little of what you could call "gameplay". You mostly just watch forms slide around on an orange asteroid, that's it. You can raise the ground at certain places and add new space worms with a maximum of 3. That's it. You can't even undo the raising of land, that's how incomplete this is. It gets boring instantly, sorry. First, this is not a game, as there is no gameplay. It is more like a tamagotchi. That alone isn't a problem, but even as a tamagotchi is has nothing to offer since you just can't do anything. And if all you can do with the worms is just watch, you can hardly call it a game.

    It's still interesting to see new concepts being tried out in Minetest. I believe something like Adopt a Space Worm! was never even tried before, so I give a few points for the idea. :P

    (review continues in comments)

  • My review [JAM VERSION]

    Unique non-sandbox, no-player-character game, or at least it will be

    I look forward to seeing where this goes, and will update my review when it's playable

    Overall: 1/10
    Gameplay: 0/10
    Innovation: 8/10
    Content: 1/10
    Theme: 4/10


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