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Emojis_lite adds an inventory menu, from which a player can display various emojis. The mod also provides an api for easy emoji registration. This mod is an independent implementation of idea from this mod by Bosapara.


  • Minetest 5.0.0+
  • Minetest_game 5.0.0+

Adding your own emoji

Call emojis_api.register_emoji() in your mod with following parameters:

emojis_api.register_emoji(name, image, sound)
  • name - unique id of the emoji. Please use only alphanumeric symbols, since this ID is used in the formspec string.
  • image - name of the image file to use
  • sound - name of the sound file to play

The emoji grid will scale automatically so there's no need worry about excess emojis.


Available settings that you can put in your minetest.conf directly, or access them via "Settings->All Settings->Mods->emojis_api" menu.

emojis_api_sound_gain - float, master gain of emoji sounds

emojis_lite_duration - float, duration of spawned emoji in seconds

emojis_lite_glow - bool, should emojis be visible in darkness

emojis_lite_size - float, size of the emoji particle



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