How do I install this?

This mod is an implementation of held item illumination that produces a certain level of light depending on the luminescence of the player's held item.

Since it checks node definitions for light_source values, no configuration should be needed.

Also, the internal code has been fine-tuned to reduce the amount of visual bugs, mainly by being as thorough as possible when trying to find a suitable position to emit light from.

Improved and maintained fork of with added support for items, tools, and 3d_armor.



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Simple mod, great game changer

    This is a good basis for so many mods, but even on its own its very useful and 'realistic'

    Edit: i just realized someone made a review with the same title on the original mod lol

  • Works okay but not extensible

    The mod does a good job at what it is advertising to do. It is however lacking any hooks for other mods to tweak the behaviour without remaking the entire mod. Instead I recommend using wielded_light in combination with 3d_armor_light. It does the same thing but also supports light from dropped items and offers an API for other mods to utilize. As such, it is much more likely to be compatible with other mods.


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