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A simple Jumpdrive for minetest Take your buildings with you on your journey



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  • This mod makes scifi like ships possible

    With this mod you can build a ship that can go anywhere in the world. It does have a problem though, if you use multible jumpdrives linked together that don't all go at once. This makes sense from a game perspecitive but it would be nice to have a ship disappear and reappear. I also find it limiting to only work in cubes and that makes for ugly creations.

  • Epic mod, feels like riding a spaceship

    Extremetly fun, great way to explore space and anywhere in the world, add mining machines intoit makes a powerful mining spaceship

  • Explore space - take your house (ship :-)) with you!

    Allows for very intresting space exploration. Trying to fit the jump engine and everything necessary into a small space in order to get a faster small ship is a welcome challenge. And when you're flying around and visiting a good mining spot on the moon or on an asteroid, you might get company by other jumpdrive powered ships by other players.

    Assembly of your first ship is also a fun challgenge.

    But as someone already mentionned in another review: There is some danger of getting boring cubic ships. But then that can't be helped - not all static houses are great either.

    I had great fun building a space station with diffrent ships on the Pandorabox server.


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