End Portal Buckets for MineClone 2

Adds an easy way to carry the end portal where ever you go in MineClone2.

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End Portal Buckets for MineClone2

Adds an easy way to access the end from anywhere by carrying an placeable end portal in a bucket.


  • Code - PrairieWind
  • Textures - FossFanatic


  • Code - MIT
  • Texture(s) - CC BY-SA 4.0



Do you recommend this mod?

  • Literally just the same as "/giveme mcl_portals:portal_end"

    The bucket does literally the same as if you just do "/giveme mcl_portals:portal_end". It just places a single end portal node. Apart from the new texture, there is no innovation. It is now easy to add "invalid" end portals everywhere but it is not trivially possible to remove them.